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Where music fans are rewarded for discovering new artists. 

What is Muzos?
Muzos is a platform that rewards music fans for discovering new artists. 

Is Muzos open to all artists?
At the moment, Muzos is ‘invite only’ as we build out new features and grow our community. If you have received an email or message via social media, we want to have you on Muzos!  

How does Muzos reward fans?
Fans are rewarded with 100 points when they listen to a 30 second preview of a song. If they like what they hear, they can then click out of Muzos and listen to the entire song on DSP such as Spotify or Apple Music. 

Why would music fans want to use Muzos?
Music fans can collect up to 500 reward points each day on Muzos by discovering new music. Reward points can then be used in the Muzos shop to enter valuable draws, receive discounts, receive free subscriptions or collect physical items. 

Can I try Muzos out for myself as a music listener?
Yes, you can sign up the same way fans do here: 

What are the advantages for artists being on Muzos?
Artists on Muzos have access to a growing community of potential new fans that will stream their music, follow them on DSPs and social media through our rewards system. Muzos is incentivising music fans to discover new artists. 

Do artists have to pay to use Muzos?
There will be a subscription tier coming in the future, right now Muzos is free to all artists.

Do artists need a minimum number of fans or monthly listeners to be on Muzos?
If you’ve been invited to sign up, we want you on Muzos. There is no minimum number of fans or monthly listeners, we have artists with as low as 10 monthly listeners and want to help artists cut through the noise of music promotion. 

Do artists get their own dashboard on Muzos?
At the moment, we’re onboarding invite-only artists manually at the Muzos HQ. We will email all artists with details of how to access their own dashboard when that function is available. 

Can artists speak to someone from Muzos if they have any questions?
Yes, we love talking with artists. You can email us at with any questions, or you can also request a call. 

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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